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Azul 7 is a human-centered design consultancy.

What We Do

Azul 7 helps your team think differently about the connections between people, brands, technology and innovation. We are designers in the broadest sense, not only making objects and experiences beautiful, but using design to solve real problems for our clients and the people they serve.

Using methodologies like design thinking, Azul 7 is helping organizations evolve away from a deliverables-based mindset and think instead in terms of the human element. With empathy for people and a deep understanding of their needs we can solve almost any problem. Our offerings in human insights, design and innovation create a complete suite of services to guide clients from problem definition through solution design and implementation.

Human Insights

Everything starts with empathy for users, consumers, stakeholders—people. It’s a pillar of design thinking, and we believe that understanding the human element of projects is what leads to greater success in our solutions. We want to know what people feel, how they live, work and interact with the world around them, and most importantly, why, because that’s where the unmet needs lie. And when we find the unmet needs, we find the opportunities for disruption, innovation and success.

More than just researchers, our team is expert at distilling the key human insights that lead our clients toward the best solutions. Anyone can observe behaviors or ask questions, but it takes a special talent to extract the useful insights—to identify what’s missing as clearly as what’s present and to notice what’s not being said as clearly as what is.

  • Empathy and Cognitive Research
  • Contextual Observation
  • Analogous Research


Design at Azul 7 lives at the intersection of form and function, never one without the other. Design is the physical and visual execution of ideas and, as it is in design thinking, a problem-solving methodology. Our design work is continuously rooted in empathy, combining analytical and intuitive thought to create experiences and interactions that are beautiful and, more importantly, useful, to meet real human needs.

  • Digital
  • Interaction
  • Brand
  • Product
  • Service


It’s not enough just to brainstorm ideas; successful innovations come from the answering of unmet needs. Using a human-centered approach, organizations are better able to develop consumer insights and identify market opportunities. Azul 7 works with clients to adopt these innovation techniques, teaching the skills necessary for organizations to better understand the human element of their own projects and start and maintain a productive internal innovation practice.

  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation Practices

How We Work

Over time, Azul 7 has refined a human-centered design approach that blends philosophies and methodologies from many sources like design thinking, anthropology or behavioral economics. Just as we encourage our clients to continually iterate, we too are constantly testing and tweaking our methods as we learn what works and what doesn’t. However, the things that remain consistent over time are our preference for simplicity, radical collaboration and empathy as a basis for everything we do.


The human element is a factor in everything we do. That empathy for people is not only necessary to the success of design projects, but to our client relationships and even our own internal team interactions. When we better understand people, what they do, how they do it and why, we can make better decisions and create more meaningful relationships and outcomes.


The design process is always strongest when we practice radical collaboration amongst ourselves, and the same is true for co-creation with our clients. We share our expertise, continuously learn from each other and solve problems as an integrated team. This approach not only improves our end solutions, but also helps clients understand and adopt their own human-centered perspective.


Azul 7 champions simplicity not for the sake of it, but because it leads to the best results. We know that cognitively people prefer simplicity, yet it’s our natural human tendency to add complexity to everything we touch. By choosing to overcome that tendency, to simplify interactions, processes and designs, we challenge ourselves and our clients to think more critically about true needs and better solve for them.

Our Team

The Azul 7 team was designed to be nimble and provide a balanced, holistic set of expertise to our clients. Our foundation in empathy requires that everyone on a project share the same knowledge and understanding of the people we are designing for. So instead of performing rigid roles in separate silos, we collaborate relentlessly throughout the design process. We value the ability in our team members to think both analytically and intuitively, and to cross disciplines with skills that complement and overlap each other. The result is a stronger, more balanced team.